For your eyes, nose, and mouth!


The Los Angeles Korean Festival offers taste of home with Korean dishes that were enjoyed in the homeland by native Koreans, along with various cultural foods from other countries, to bring everyone joy. Mung Bean pancakes from scratch, spicy rice cake encapsulating the distant taste of Korean street food, famously indulgent Korean BBQ, and crispy tornado potato sticks-fun to eat and delicious for selfies, are all examples of unique and novel dishes, fusioned with traditional flavors from around the world, that can be found at the festival. Eye captivating, mouth watering, and fragrant extravaganza will take a hold of all of your senses. Come with friends or come and make new friends by personally sharing the experience of delicious food together!


AgStreet Food of Memories

The You may find street food that you have never tried before in your life and cannot be found anywhere else at the festival. Bring your family with you and experience traditional cuisine to trendy fusion dishes! 


Taste of the Longing Homeland

Come taste and take home fresh and high-quality agricultural products that represent the unique flavors of the 8 provinces of Korea. We present local specialty foods for residents that have left their homeland and long for the taste of their hometown. Enjoy the taste of our homeland!


Health Functional Foods

Korea is renowned for their distinct cuisine, particularly their health foods. A diverse arrangement of high quality prepared products, such as health drinks and medicinal herbs are also available for purchase at the festival.