Welcome to the Los Angeles Korean Festival

In 1974, the Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation was founded by leaders of the early Korean-American community with the purpose of preserving their Korean roots after immigrating to the United States. In the great city of Los Angeles, where many diverse cultures co-exist, the Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation is considered one of the major advocates of furthering the knowledge of Korean culture and its traditions. The LAKF Foundation works year-round in planning and organizing the four-day festival that carries out the mission to provide the community with a festival that is not only a celebration of the Korean culture, but an instrument of inclusivity and an advocate of cultural diversity awareness, bringing together the numerous ethnic groups residing in Los Angeles. 


Now at its 48th annual festival, the celebratory event has evolved beyond what the founders could have imagined. The Los Angeles Korean Festival continues to provide fun and exciting experiences, through its great entertainment, food vendors, and promotional exhibits from many different industries. One of the greatest additions is the Korean Premium Products Expo. Angelenos can readily acquire goods that were once difficult to come by in the United States. 

You are all invited to this Festival, free in admission for all four days. Come and join us, and let's celebrate together!