Every year, hundreds of vendors participate and an estimated 400,000 attendees of all ages and backgrounds come to the festival. This makes the Los Angeles Korean Festival is an exceptional outlet for sponsors to interact directly with consumers to promote their products and gain exposure for their brands. The extensive media (print, television, radio, social media, official website, etc.) covers the festival for an audience on a global magnitude, a Korean Diaspora across the globe, which can provide a substantial return on the sponsor's investment.  

  • Premium Booth Space

A booth space designated by a canopy of 10ft x 10ft  is provided for sponsor with tables and chairs. The number of booth space depends on the level of sponsorship. 


  • VIP Reception and Parking Tickets

Tickets are provided to participate in the opening ceremony of tape cutting and to deliver a speech. Tickets are also available for parking. Number of tickets for each depend on the level of sponsorship.

  • Korean Parade Participation

Sponsor can participate in the Korean Parade that starts at Vermont and ends at Western (1.0 mile), along Olympic Blvd. Sponsor has option to have their name/logo on an adorned float, or a representative can ride on an open vehicle.


  • Recap Report​​ 

After the festival event, sponsors are provided with the summary of the festival data.

  • Radio, TV, and Newspaper

Logo on LAKF advertisements throughout different media outlets. Sponsor is mentioned on radio, Sponsor's Logo is seen on tv, and Sponsor's Logo is printed on newspaper ads. Logo is on posters and flyers. 

  • Banner Ads

Banners are made and placed on premium areas for sponsor. Number and size of banners depends on level of sponsorship.


  • Program Booklet

Color Print Ad is included in the festival program booklet. Number of pages depends on level of sponsorship.


  • Social Media Outlets

Sponsor Logo is displayed ​in LAKFF social media pages and official website.

Depending on level of sponsorship, Sponsor's direct website is linked, or commercial ad directly displayed. 

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