The Korean Shopping Experience


The Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation brings in over 150 vendors directly from South Korea to give festival attendees a chance to purchase goods that are hard to find, even in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Korean Festival caters to a variety of cultures, and also to a variety of industries. Company representatives in automobiles, cosmetics, airlines and many other types of products, participate at the Festival, set up with charming booths to promote their products and services. Come check out what each unique vendor has to offer!


Agricultural and Marine Products EXPO

The EXPO introduces fresh and high quality agricultural and marine foods from 8 provinces of Korea. Here you may find export consultation and goods for sale, as the festival serves as a platform for these unique products to enter the US market. There are approximately 120 participating companies and vendors that offer excellent, rich, seasonal food and specialty products exclusive to their respective regions.


Small & Medium Business Excellence Products

A portion of the festival grounds are reserved for the exhibition of small and medium Korean enterprises. The festival offers a platform for these premier products to contribute to the Korean identity in the United States through exports. Come see the affordable quality goods as well as delicate and handy South Korean merchandise through the LA Korean Festival.



Over the years, “K-Beauty” has gained notoriety across the globe and has become the standard of beauty even overseas. Drawn by the influence of Korean dramas and pop stars, Korean cosmetics brands have become a household name. You can shop for premier Korean cosmetics and beauty products which are loved and coveted by everyone for a reasonable price in one location.