​Hallyu, the Korean Wave

Through the power of Hallyu, people of all backgrounds have come to love Korean culture, pop, and entertainment. This is especially true for Los Angelenos. Every year, the Los Angeles Korean Festival is one of the most prominent opportunities to enjoy performances and festivities that are rooted in Korea. From martial arts to traditional dance to Korean pop, the performance aspect of the festival is what draws a large and diverse crowd, both in age and ethnicity. Every year, the Los Angeles Korean Festival works hard to bring in popular "K-Pop" entertainers for a memorable festival experience. 



  • 1st round :  Middle of August(Date and Location will be announced)
                        20 Entries will be selected. 

  • 1st. SEMI FINAL :  10 semi finalist contest on Main Stage

  • 2nd. SEMI FINAL :  10 semi finalist contest on Main Stage

  • FINAL CONTEST :  10 finalist contest on Main Stage

  • Date will be announced soon.


Representative Cultural Performance

The highlight of the performances are easily the ones of historical class, like tightrope walking, fan dancing, and Korean drums. Teams of that represent Korean culture put on shows that cannot be seen easily outside of the Los Angeles Korean Festival. In the past, the festival has been graced by the wonderful presence of reputable groups such as the Ansan City Korean Traditional Orchestra, Tongpyeong Mask Dance, World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon), and the Taekwondo Association.


7080 Program for the middle-aged

The 7080 generation is marked by a period of a difficult social atmosphere in which Koreans used music to flee into romanticism. A designated room has been prepared for the enjoyment of both pop and folk music, refreshing beer and acoustic guitars, to create a reminiscent, nostalgic and supportive environment. It is a great moment to pause and celebrate with entertainers of that time like Hyun Sook, Kim Heung Gook, Yoon Hang Gi, Juk Woo, Shin Seung Woo, Ju Hyun Mi, and other celebrities



K-pop has become the main force of the cultural wave that is sweeping the world. With names like Rain, Wonder Girls, Mamamoo, Georgia, Vasco, and Ulala Session, K-pop performances is the most popular program of the Los Angeles Korean Festival. A detailed stage performance schedule for this year will be updated in the near future.