The Beautiful History and Culture of Korea

Through the power of Hallyu, people of all backgrounds have come to love Korean culture, pop, and entertainment. This is especially true for Los Angelenos. Every year, the Los Angeles Korean Festival is one of the most prominent opportunities to enjoy performances and festivities that are rooted in Korea. From martial arts to traditional dance to Korean pop, the performance aspect of the festival is what draws a large and diverse crowd, both in age and ethnicity. Every year, the Los Angeles Korean Festival works hard to bring in popular "K-Pop" entertainers for a memorable festival experience. 


Sponsored by The Korea Times (Los Angeles), the annual Korean Parade on Olympic Boulevard has become one of the best features that the festival offers. Ornate floats from corporate sponsors, performers, and Koreatown's notable figures, parade down the street as crowds of all ages gather. 

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Historical Wall

A 100ft long wall stands tall in the middle of the festival, proudly showcasing the history of Korea. This wall also includes the history of Korean-Americans and Koreatown, Los Angeles and how the early leaders of the community laid down their Korean roots and obtained their current status. 


Traditional Korean Dolls

Come and see the display of the colorful dolls wearing traditional Korean hanbok. Have an unforgettable time taking beautiful photos with precious people with the colorful dolls!


Experience the Throwback

Korean traditional attire is called hanbok. Here at the Los Angeles Korean Festival, you have an opportunity to adorn yourself and take composite images in front of breathtaking backdrops of Korean structures and sites. Share these amazing moments and experiences with the people you treasure the most.


Experience of Traditional Play

Traditional instruments are also available for play. Bring friends along to learn about Korean ancestral spirits and sing traditional songs with a large gong [Jing], a small gong [Kkwaenggwari], middle waist drum [Janggu], small handle drum [Sogo], and many more Korean instruments.


Experience of Paper Craft 

Learn the art of paper craft. Join us to learn how to make a Korean lotus flower, craft a turtle ship, write Korean calligraphy and much more. Learn and experience Korean culture through these fun-filled activities.