Festival of Shopping

The Korean Shopping Experience

Festival of Shopping

The Korean Shopping Experience

With Korean products that are even hard to get a hold of in Koreatown, Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation provides vendors that bring products straight from Korea. Beautiful lanterns from the Korean province of Jinju welcome over 300 vendors and 400,000 shoppers at a festival that is nothing short of amazing. Charmingly made booths that consist of automobile, cosmetics, airline, and many more vendors participate to market their brand and sell their exclusive products. Come check out what each unique vendor has to offer!


Agricultural and Marine Products EXPO

The EXPO introduces fresh and high quality agricultural and marine foods from the 8 provinces of Korea, where goods are sold and exports consultation is offered, thus serving as a platform for these very products to enter the US market. There are approximately 120 participating companies and vendors that offer excellent, rich seasonal food and specialty products exclusive to their respective regions.


Small & Medium Business Excellence Products

An exhibition promoting and selling premier products of small and medium Korean business enterprises contributing to the expansion of exports into American society. Come see the affordable quality goods as well as delicate and handy South Korean merchandise through the LA Korean Festival.



“K-Beauty” has proliferated across the world as foreigners have begun to learn about various Korean cosmetics brands as they are drawn to the influence of Korean dramas and movies where the sophisticated image of Korean celebrities is readily displayed. You can shop for premier Korean cosmetics and beauty products which are loved by everyone for a reasonable price in one location.

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