Festival of Performance

Hallyu, the Korean Wave

Festival of Performance

Hallyu, the Korean Wave

Through the power of Hallyu, LAKF attendees can now enjoy the festivities and performances that are spreading from Korea to the world. With a wide variety of extravagant performances ranging from martial arts to traditional dance to Korean pop, this aspect of the festival draws a diverse crowd in both age and ethnicity. Every year, there is a big headliner that has an immense reputation in the K-pop industry. Through the power of Hallyu, we plan on creating an enjoyable and memorable time for all ethnicities as they enjoy the renowned performances of these K-pop stars.


Representative cultural performance of S

The highlight of the performances that take place on the center stage is the performance by the representative cultural team filled with historic class. Performances that you cannot see at home take place at the Los Angeles Korean Festival. In the past, many representative teams such as the Ansan City Korean Traditional Orchestra, tightrope walking, Tongyeong Mask Dance, World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon), and the Taekwondo Association of Korea have presented wonderful performances.


7080 program for the middle-aged

The 7080 generation was a musical culture allowing those in a difficult social atmosphere to flee into romanticism. A designated music room with a DJ has been prepared allowing many to come together and listen to pop songs as well as folk songs while enjoying refreshing beer, playing the acoustic guitar, and reminiscing about the past insofar as providing support for those living as immigrants. It is a time to celebrate nostalgia with entertainers of that time including Hyun Sook, Kim Heung Gook, Yoon Hang Gi, Juk Woo, Shin Seung Woo, Ju Hyun Mi, and other celebrities.



K-Pop has become the Korean wave sweeping the entire world! Numerous visitors have come to the festival to see performances by K-Pop celebrities such as Rain, Wonder Girls, Mamamoo, Geragida, Vasco, and Ulala Session, thus it has become the most popular program of the Los Angeles Korean Festival. Also, since the concert is held free of charge, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity should you? Please look forward to the upcoming Los Angeles Korean Festival performance teams! A detailed stage performance schedule will be updated in the near future.

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