This is a vendor regulation/ contract for the Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation (“LAKFF” from here on) (“PARTY” from here on) regarding booth usage terms and conditions during the 46th LA Korean Festival. (Sep 26th, 2019 – Sep 7th, 2019) Any vendor who applied for the booth is responsible to understand all the regulations and agree the details below.

1. This contract is made between LAKFF and PARTY as it pertains to the 46th Annual Los Angeles Korean Festival’s booth rental.

2. LAKFF will prepare booth tents for PARTY during the 4-day festival unless otherwise specified prior to the event.

3. The contract period will be from Sep 26th - Sep 29th of 2019, for a span of four (4) days.

4. PARTY will submit a signed copy of the application and terms in order to reserve a booth. PARTY must place a deposit in the amount of 50% of the total booth rental. The remaining balance has to be paid by June 14th, 2019. If the balance is not paid by June 14th, 2019, this contract will become null and void or LAKFF can charge an extra late fee. For applications submitted on or after June 14th, 2019, the full balance will be due at the time of signing. Otherwise, the application will not be accepted.

5. Payment Methods

A. At the time of contracting, a 50% deposit of the total will be due. Booth allocation will ONLY be given to those who have paid the deposit.

B. The remaining 50% of the balance will be due by June 14th, 2019. In the case the balance is not paid by due date, this contract will become void and the deposit made at the time of contracting will not be refundable. In the case of PARTY contracts after June 14th, 2019, the FULL amount will be due at the time of the contract.

C. Payments made with Credit Cards will be assessed an additional non-refundable 3% of the amount charged on the card. 

D. In the case PARTY cancels the contract before the event, PARTY will be some refunded as follows:

  • ON/BEFORE 60 Days of Event Date: 8/1/2019       

     70% of the total deposit amount

  • ON/BEFORE 30 Days of Event Date: 8/29/2019       

     25% of the total deposit amount

  • ON/BEFORE or 14 Days to Event Date: 9/12/2019


6. Booth Size & Costs

A. Each booth will be 10’x10’. Costs vary according to location.

  • Regular Booth: One(1) folding table, two(2) chairs and 5 amps of electricity

  • Corner Booth: Two(2) folding table, four(4) chairs and 5 amps of electricity

  • Expo Booth: One(1) folding table, two(2) chairs and 5 amps of electricity

  • Food Booth: One(1) folding table, two(2) chairs and 20 amps of electricity

  • Snack Stand: One(1) folding table, two(2) chairs and 20 amps of electricity

  • Liquor Booth: Two(2) folding table, four(4) chairs and 20 amps of electricity


  • 10’ x 10’ Regular Booth $2,500 - $3,000

  • 10’ x 10’ EXPO Booth $2,500 - $4,000

  • 10’ x 10’ Food sale Booth $3,500 - $4,000

  • 10’ x 10’ Snack stands $2,500 - $3,000

  • 10’ x 10’ Alcohol Booth $7,500 (Beer Garden) or Contact LAKFF


C. PARTY must provide their own extension cord & surge protectors for the outlets. All electrical products must have approved “UL” mark.

D. LAKFF is not responsible for providing PARTY with additional shade and PARTY cannot use own tent and shade. Ropes tying booths together to hang canopies are strictly prohibited, as stated by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Also, standing canopies that block the walkways are strictly prohibited.

E. If before and/or during the festival, officials of the City of Los Angeles (Department of Transportation, Fire Dept. LAPD, etc.) request changes, PARTY must adhere and abide by those changes. LAKFF is not responsible for these official changes.

F. For additional electricity needed other than the set amount per booth, PARTY must make a request for an additional fee. If PARTY violates this rule, LAKFF will make PARTY shut down and will charge PARTY a penalty.

G. PARTY accepts a gift certificate that LAKFF issued. After the festival, LAKFF will reimburse the certificates at LAKFF’s office. PARTY needs to provide products worth amount on the gift certificate. PARTY cannot get compensation for lost coupons and LAKFF is not responsible for this.


7. Booth Usage

A. A regular booth may not sell food that needs refrigeration. In order for refrigerated food to be sold, extra electricity must be purchased with an extra fee for the additional electricity AND a permit from the Health Department will need to be obtained. The price of a permit to cook and sell food is $160.00; to sell packaged food and have samples $101.00; for selling of prepackaged items only $71.00; for taste testing only $51.00. This fee may change according to requests made by the Health Dept. Every permit must be paid by July 19th, 2019. If PARTY pays after the due date, LA County Health Dept. will charge a $50 late fee. 

B. Booth users cannot remove provided table(s) and chair(s) without permission from staff. Extra tables and chairs will be provided once staff members are notified. Extra charges will be applied.


C. Each booth needs to have its business information (name, business address, phone #) signage made visible to the public. Food booth banners must have the business name, city, state, and zip code. The name must be at least 3’’ and all other information must be at least 1’’ in height. LAKFF will provide the main banner template for all other vendors except food/snack booth.  The company must follow LAKFF banner regulation. The main banner must be installed in front of the booth.  The mandatory banner fee of $100 will be applied to all booth.


D. Signs are to be posted ONLY on an individual’s assigned booth. Signs posted elsewhere will be taken down by LAKFF staff and a penalty will be claimed.

E. All products need to have English descriptions for the general public.

F. At the time booth contracts are made, a mandatory $100 cleaning fee will be applied to each booth.


G. All trash needs to be thrown away at designated areas or else booths may be shut down by LAKFF staff members. In the event of this, LAKFF staff members have the right to charge PARTY with a fine.


H. All booths are strictly prohibited from using microphones and loud music for the sale of their products. Violation of this rule will result in LAKFF shutting down the allotted electricity of the violator’s booth.


I. There is absolutely no smoking, no food, and no drinks (except bottled water) allowed inside the gated field. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.


J. Under no circumstances will PARTY be allowed to drive stakes into or make holes in the ground.


K. The PARTY must provide their own general liability insurance for any accidents that occur within their booths. LAKFF is in no way responsible and is hereby released from all claims, demand, costs, harm, and damages incurred from such an event. 


<Operation Hours>

9. 26. 2019 (Thur)   3 PM - 10PM

9. 27. 2019 (Fri)    10 AM - 10PM

9. 28. 2019 (Sat)   10 AM - 10PM

9. 29. 2018 (Sun)  10 AM - 10PM

* Only AFTER fire department and health permits are approved.

** PARTY may not operate outside of these hours.

L. Set Up time for outside booths can begin at 8 AM on the 1st day of the festival. However, booths WITHIN the fenced area of the park MUST wait until 9 AM when gates are opened. 

8. Booth with Food Sales (Open, Prepackaged, & Sampling) – Additional Terms & Conditions

A. Food booth operators NEED to follow these conditions or they may be in violation of Health Codes.


  1. Refrigerated items need to be 41-degrees Fahrenheit or colder. (Temperatures will be taken by the LA County Health Department).

  2. LA County Health Dept. requires open food vendors to use the new tent guidelines (4 walls, windows to pass food through). Vendors must keep all four walls of their food booth tents down. Vendors may not roll them up and must use the provided windows in the tent walls.

  3. Cooked or heated foods need to be stored at 135-degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. Items that are sensitive to heat/temperature (i.e. raw eggs, chicken, fish, meats, dairy products, cooked rice, etc.) need to be thrown out immediately if the food was not properly stored with appropriate temperatures.

  5. Food may not be pre-cooked outside of the premises and brought in for sale (such as food prepared from home).

  6. Barbecuing of raw meats should be done at 135-degrees Fahrenheit or greater.

  7. Temperatures of foods should not be over 41-degrees or under 135-degrees Fahrenheit, to avoid culturing of bacteria.

  8. Pre-cooked foods should be reheated at a temperature high enough to kill any possible food bacteria (Pre-cooked food needs to be re-heated at 135-degrees Fahrenheit and above. To cool food, it needs to be done quickly using ice)

  9. In the event that cooked and uncooked food gets mixed up or an unclean cooking tool is used to prepare it, even accidentally, then it will need to be disposed of immediately.

  10. All workers must keep a sanitary standard (hair, nail, etc.), please be mindful of the regulations for prioritizing and preserving a clean and professional environment. (If one touches leftover or cooked foods, they should immediately wash their hands.)

  11. There should be at least 2 (two) 2.5 gallons of water, soap, a metal bucket for collecting water waste, and paper towels to wash hands readily available at ALL times within the booth.

  12. Ice used to keep ingredients chilled and ice used to cool down food should be kept separate.

  13. No workers should handle food with their bare hands.


B. There is ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING inside the food booths or anywhere inside the gated field.


C. All workers MUST wash their hands upon returning from a break or visiting other areas.


D. Customers MUST NOT handle the food on their own.


E. A food thermometer should be readily available for usage.


F. Food re-sale permit needs to be displayed for the public to see.


G. An extinguisher should be located inside the booth in a convenient place. PARTY will not be able to operate WITHOUT an extinguisher in the booth. 


H. Each booth needs to collect their own trash and dispose of it in their designated trash containers.


I. All gas containers and burners need to be secured. Absolutely NO portable gas ranges (Butane).


J. All food items and containers storing foods need to be AT LEAST 6 inches from the ground.


K. PARTY CANNOT prepare food inside the tents.


L. Immediately after using the sink, all food scraps must be placed in the trash.


M. After hours, under NO circumstances should there be food scraps left inside the booth.


O. There must be NO open food on the tables. All food must be kept out of reach from the public.


P. When using a food warmer to keep food at the proper temperature and for display, there must be a distance of 3-feet between the public and the food warmer.

Food Booths agree to provide LAKFF with $10 worth of food with an approved food ticket at the price of $10.

PARTY must collect and save these tickets until the end of the festival.

The total amount will be reimbursed to PARTY after the conclusion of the festival.

Lost tickets are not LAKFF’s responsibility and will not be reimbursed.


Q. PARTY MUST follow all the regulations of LA County Health Department.


R. Snack Booths are NOT allowed to use propane gas and must not prepare food anywhere else except inside booth.



9. ALCOHOL SALES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED at any booths NOT located within the Beer Garden.

A. Booth workers may NOT sell alcohol to customers directly. Only alcohol booths are permitted to sell alcohol.

(If alcohol sales occur, the booth may be shut down and applied a fine.)


10.  Electricity

A. All booths will be provided with a minimum of 5 Amps (Available to charge cell phone or notebook).


B. If more electricity is needed, requests need to be made in advance and additional fees will be incurred.

A list of all appliances and wattage that will be used for the duration of the festival must be provided by PARTY.

Failure to notify LAKFF on any changes of extra appliances will result in the loss of electricity to the booth.

  1. If requested extra wattage, it will be $200.00 for each additional 20 Amps (Available to use freezer/refrigerator).

  2. Extra AMPS are provided in increments of 20 Amps.


C. All electricity needs to be provided by an authorized vendor; therefore, outside unapproved generators or outside electric sources will not be allowed.


D. All electric appliances must have a UL mark and all cables must be of appropriate voltage (If an appliance does not have the proper markings, the booth may be shut down).


E. There will be NO altering or inappropriate use of the outlets provided.


F. If the outlet is damaged due to misuse or illegal appliances, a fine in the amount of $100.00 will be paid to the electricity vendor by PARTY.

  1. If an outage occurs more than three (3) times the electricity will be cut off from that moment on.

  2. All checks and the remaining balances should be cleared seven (7) days before the start of the festival. If there are balances remaining and checks outstanding, electricity will not be provided to the booths until the matter is taken care of.


G. PARTY may only use designated outlets provided in their booths. PARTY may not use other outlets regardless of vacancy.


11. If by any chance the festival is canceled or stopped early due to natural causes or other uncontrollable matters, PARTY will not hold LAKFF responsible.

A. PARTY must follow directions to City of Los Angeles, LAPD, Fire Dept., Health Dept., LAKFF and security guards for safety.


B. The number of sales and attendees vary for any number of reasons. PARTY will not hold LAKFF responsible.


12. Punishment for Violation of Contract Term:

If PARTY violates terms and conditions of the 46th Los Angeles Korean Festival, LAKFF issues violation tickets and imposes fines on PARTY. PARTY may be shut down on the 3rd ticket.