• The Los Angeles Festival offers many types of booths. There are six different sections of booths, listed below.

  • Every booth space is designated by canopy 10ft x 10ft in size and the price for each booth covers the use of the booth space, *electricity with light bulb, *table(s) and *chairs for the entire four-day period of the festival. (*amount depends on type and location of booth)

  • A vendor with distribution of food MUST obtain a health permit from LA County Department of Health.

  • Please read all of the vendor’s regulations before you apply. 


Food Booth


Designed to promote businesses that sell meals and specialty dishes.



  • Access to the electrical outlet (20 Amps)

  • Access to running water at designated sinks

  • Cooking Space available

  • 1 Table/2 Chairs provided

Snack Booth

Designed for businesses that sell prepared items such as snacks and drinks.



  • Access to the electrical outlet (20 Amps)

  • No cooking access (No propane gas usage)

  • 1 Table/2 Chairs provided


Local Booth


Provide exposure to your brand by distributing branded goods, games and other forms of marketing strategies to browsing customers.



  • Access to an electrical outlet (5 Amps)

  • Regular booth: 1 Table/2 Chairs provided 

  • Corner booth: 2 Tables/4 Chairs provided


Expo Booth


A section dedicated to approved Korean distributors selling goods from Korea.



  • Access to the electrical outlet (5 Amps)

  • Health Permit included

  • Regular booth: 1 Table/2 Chairs provided

  • Corner booth: 2 Tables/4 Chairs provided


Alcohol Booth


An opportunity to promote your brand, maximize company exposure, and make sales. Contact for more details.


  • ABC license provided from LAKFF

  • Access to the electrical outlet (20 Amps)

  • 2 Table/4 Chairs provided


VIP Booth


VIP booths are reserved as one of the perks for the sponsors of the Los Angeles Korean Festival. Sponsors have the opportunity to promote their business in locations with the highest foot traffic for maximum exposure.


  • Access to the electrical outlet 

  • Access to premiere high traffic location

  • No cost for extra tables and chairs